How to clarify what happened with variables in AX

In microsoft.public.axapta.programming group Arjang in subject "Finding the lookup table of a lookup field" asked how to find out what is the look up table used to display the values for SalesTable.SalesStatus filed.

I've suggested look at SalesTableType and SalesLineType classes. The next question was how did I pointed at these classes.

Unfortunately I can't reply in the newsgroup at the moment (something wrong with the newsgroup or my browser), so I've decided to answer here in my blog.

Actually in AOT you may find out a huge chunk of information about tables, classes, enumerations etc. In case of SalesTable.SalesStatus field first of all I've decided to look at SalesTable Methods AOT node (just clicked Search [SalesStatus]). Looking at table's methods we may get a lot of useful information.

The second step was the searching of SalesStatus text in Classes.

By the way don't forget about cross-references. The cross-reference is important tool when you develop or debug Dynamics Ax.

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